Yacht San Lorenzo

Tuscan Arcipelago Tour in Yacht with Wine Tasting

The expedition on the San Lorenzo Yacht is an eight or ten hour adventure through one of the most exceptional marine areas in Italy. Renovated for its biodiversity, the Tuscan Archipelago includes over 61,000 km ^ 2 of sea and is the largest European marine park.

The journey on San Lorenzo starts from San Vincenzo towards Elba Island. With its unparalleled sense of style, elegance and grace, the SanLorenzo yacht invites you to travel beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

5 star Cellar on the Sea

Food and fine wines play a central role on Sanlorenzo, with an open kitchen, a large mahogany table and the dining area located on the central deck. Guests can observe the view, listen to our sommelier instructor at work and eat in total privacy even when the yacht is in port.

Enter a wonderful world with a natural jewel in the center: The Mediterranean. Navigate through the beautiful Tuscan Archipelago between small and large islands, threading and admiring enchanting cities and coasts.

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